wimpy kid tapped out is a game for IOS and tablets wich will come out on april 2nd

plot Edit

OH NO!!!!! manny setted gregs nighbor hood on fire for no reson and you and greg must work together to fix his nighbor hood

levels Edit

level 1 Edit

build greg's house

build rowley's house

speed up rowley's house

level 2 Edit

build westmore middle school

speed up westmore middleschool

send greg to school for 4 hours

send rowley to school for 4 hours

level 3 Edit

build fregly's house

build the carnival shuttle

at the carnival build the cranium shaker

send greg and rowley to ride the cranium shaker

build church

buy susen

send greg susen and rowley to church

build greg's local pool

send greg to the local pool

send rowley to the local pool

level 4 Edit

build the holiday bazar

build a find a friend station

build freglys house

send greg to the find a friend station

send fregly to the find a freind station

build the hard luck fortune reader

send greg to the hard luck fortune reader

level 5 Edit

buy tickles

send tickles to hug greg's leg

buy manny

buy frank

send frank to throw away tickles

send tickls to get throwned away

send susen to fight with frank

send frank to fight with susen

level 6 Edit

build the heffleys boat

send frank to wash the boat

build the beach shuttle

send frank to attempted to push his boat to the beach

send resedents of your town to push the boat to the beach

at the beach send the heffleys sailing

shoot down sharks

build some lighthouse

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