wepons Edit

laser gun

ink shooter (purplings only)

cheese blaster (greg and rowley only)

peranna gun

ink sniper (purplings only)

paper shooter (frank only)

NES-zapper (when duck hunt amiibo is placed)

galixia (when meta knight amiibo is placed)

monado (when shulk amibo is placed)


velicles Edit

name wich kind of velicl? how to attack only for...
van car bash into player susen
boat boat shoot canon balls frank
flying unicorn helicopter/car shoot rainbows rowley

hub wrold Edit

the hubis in the middle of inkplosia and you walk around as your mii

  • fine clouthes head to jelonzno's blue shop
  • cooler heads head into moe's pink shop
  • wepon knights head to sheldon's green shop
  • awsome feet head to bubble's orange shop
  • online head to the big radio tower
  • single player talk to capp,n cuttlefish
  • jornal ops head to greg's jornal
  • jornels and squids talk to patty ferial
  • practice mode enter the gate

gameplay Edit

the gameplay is very simuliar to pvz garden warefare and splatoon

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