wimpy kid splashdown is a game for WII U and 3DS wich will be released in march 13th 2018

plot Edit

one day susen made multibull robots called Purplings but manny stole the communication wire and there all going haywire so you have to help greg and co. to stop the Purplings from distroying the wrold!

playable charaters Edit







holly hills


special attacks Edit

every character has a special attack

greg cheese touch: will be invincible for 20 secends

rowley unicorn: can shoot rainbows at Purplings and can fly over tall walls

manny plushy: will turn Purplings into plushys wich cannot move

rodrick drums: can shoot music notes at Purplings and can use music notes As keys

susen: control wire: can hypnotise Purplings and make them attack other Purplings

frank TBA

holly hills TBA

fregly TBA

wepons Edit

pickle launtcher


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