Dad goes outside to see his car has been spraypainted green and he vomits. Then Jason comes outside and sees a pig and he vomits. Then the pig goes in the Fregly house and Fregly's Mom vomits. Then Fregly's Dad, who you know is evil and crazy if you read the first three episodes kills the pig with a bazooka. Then he vomits. Then the Heffleys go by the rebuilding of the Jefferson house and Rowley sees Greg and punches him. Then they both vomit. Then Rodrick steals Rowley's Dad's car and drives it into a lampost. Then Rodrick vomits. Then Rowley's Dad both cries and vomits. Mom says she's dissapointed because all of them vomited, except for Her and Manny. Then Dad gives her his leftover lunch (Tuna) and Mom can't stand Tuna and vomits so big it blows up the house.

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