Toughening Up is the secound episode of the first season of Cartoons of a Wimpy Kid. It's the secound episode overall.     

Toughening Up

Air date

Nov 23, 2013

Written by

TryHardCaleb (Original by Skullbones123)

Directed by

TryHardCaleb (Original by Skullbones123)

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School Dilemma


Just Get The Keys


Rowley toughens up.

Full PlotEdit

Rowley was walking home from school with Greg. But a dog was chasing them and Rowley got bit, after a trip to the hospital, Rowley's dad said "It's time to toughen up." That gave Rowley an idea, he took steroids for many a dayand then he was ready. After school, the dog chased Greg And Rowley again, but Rowley punched him, but the dog bit his butt and Rowley bled to death. With his last bit of strength, he punched the dog and his head was very splode.


Greg was sad and he did steriod2 and he eat spaghetos and he kill doges