The New Comic is a comic about the Heffleys

Plot Edit

Greg: It all started one day when I went to Rowley's to play Twisted Wizard: The Final Chapter when I noticed Fregly wasn't in his yard. When I got to Rowley's house he was playing with FREGLY!

Rowley said Fregly was his new best friend and he told me to get out of his house. Then I went back to my house. Along the way Fregly's dad chased me because he was evil and crazy. Then when I got home Rodrick had built a rocket and he was going to launch it with me to the moon. I ran all over the house and hid in the bathroom for 70 hours

70 hours later..........

Dad got home and made me open the door then I ran again until Rodrick got me and almost launched me until Mom and Bill Walter came home Mom scolded Rodrick and banished him from the house for 5 months. Dad went in the garage, saw Bill, and launched him with the rocket. Mom scolded Dad and banished him from the house for 5 months.

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