Part 1 (5-10PM) Edit

Greg (Narrating) OK so people started showing up at about 5:30 and we played video games. But. at dinner (6-7PM) Manny fell off his chair. This started a chain of events which blew up our house at 1:30am the next day and set it on fire until 7am the next day.. Event two was Patty Farrell drowning in the swimming pool. Everyone loved that so we got the body and vanished it. Event 3 was Rowley crying because he lost 6747-6746 on Twisted Wizard Pro 3. He cried for a hour and had to leave at 8. Then, Bryan Little gave Heather Hills a 100 volt electric shock by touching her with a balloon he had been rubbing for two hours. Bryan Little was forced to leave at 8:35. Heather Hills was paralyzed for ten minutes, which made Holly Hills very mad and she chased Bryan Little all the way to his house and back. Then James Grunt hit Abigali with a mallet, knocking her out for 2 seconds (8:57:06-8:57:08) and he left 10 minutes later. We had 304 people now. Then at 9:30 during the video game tournament Jason Bright and Toby Schillanger had a fight, covering the bathroom in blood. After that was cleaned (9:35-9:55PM) the video game tournament resumed.

Part 2 (10PM-midnight) Edit

Jason and Toby left at 10:10 and 10:12 respectevly. At 10:30 Collin Lee was pushed down the stairs by Shelly, and Collin was bleeding for 20 minutes. Shelly was forced to leave at 10:40 and got grounded for 72646736767637267634734646913786 years.

We were now down to 301 people. It turned into CHAOS and ping pong became people pong. By 11:30, the only familes left were the Hills, Heffley, Lee, Anderson, Ontario, Puina, Tusday, Koktouch, Bouncher, Justin, Khan and Mahak families. Or 56 people. The other families had left between 10 and 11:25 due to people pong.

At 11:46. the Bouncher family left because Jack flooded the basement (Nothing was in there, because we were taking the stuff out for the party)

At 11:51, the Mahak family left because they pushed Dakota Ontario down into her pregnant mum (I know how it feels, Rodrick did it to me once when Mum was pregnant with Manny.)

At 11:56, the Tusday family left because they did people pong version 2.0.

Part 3 (midnight-3AM, house explodes.) Edit

By 1AM, only the Justin, Puina, Heffley, Hills, Lee and Ontario families were left. The Khan family left at 10:21, the Koktouch at 10:39, and the Justin at 10:56.

The Puina family (also known as the Oneway family) shot a real gun at a van. They were forced to leave at 11:36, and the child who did it was grounded for 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 years.

Finally, Elizabeth Hills settled down. She was only five. It was at midnight.

At 1:30, the four surviving familes were having a good time until.. Joe Lee pressed a "Blow up the House* button.

Almost everyone got out because

A. It was a small explosion

B. It didn't affect the upstairs, but they had to still get Elizabeth Hills out because of smoke.

C. RIP Joe Lee. He was killed.

They actually could go back in, but they had a room on fire (a cupboard, with old clothes in it. When they put it out, they had flooded the house with water.

The partyers left between 26 and 72 hours after the ordeal.

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