School Dilemma
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date November 17, 2013
Written by Skullbones123
Directed by Skullbones123
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School Dilemma is the first episode in the first season of Cartoons of a Wimpy Kid. It is the first episode overall.


Greg gets in a fight at school. 

Full PlotEdit

Greg wakes up and gets dresssed. He goes downstairs and eats breakfast. Then he brushes his teeth. Greg gets his school bag and walks to school.

Greg is at school, bored. He then hits the teacher with a paperball. He gets detention and sighs.

Greg is in detention and after a while he gets out.

At morning break, Greg sees some kids fighting and he says "I'm not a wimp. I'M A JERK!" and he walks over to the fight. He then explains he's so tough, he could beat Mark Henry with his pinky. Then the fighting kids then say "OK, Skinny. LET'S BRAWL!" They fight and Greg gets beaten up.

Greg gets teased for the rest of the day. "Skinny Wimp! Skinny Wimp! Skinny Wimp!" is what he hears for 4 hours straight.

Greg walks home, groaning. He asks Dad for help with the fight and he talks for about 1 minute 30. Greg says "Thanks", cracks his knuckles and walks away. Dad shakes his head, smiling.

For the rest of the day, Greg practises cracking knuckles.

Greg walks into school with sunglasses, cracking his knuckles. As he walks down the hallway, everyone gasps except the people in the fight, who stare.

Then the people in the fight say LET'S BRAWL they have a fight ang greg wins


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