After Dad and Rodrick were banished from the house for 5 months, they needed another place to stay. So they went to Fregly's house but they forgot that Fregly's dad was evil and crazy. So when Dad and Rodrick ringed the doorbell Fregly's dad opened and chased them with a chainsaw. Mom, Manny, and Greg opened there door and tried to help Dad and Rodrick. Rodrick got in his car and drove with Fregly's dad chasing him. Rodrick drove in the Jeffersons house and ran over Fregly. Fregly's dad thinks Fregly is dead and ties Rodrick up and beats him up. Mr Jefferson and Rowley join in as they are Mad at Rodrick for destroying there house. Rowley then goes over and punches Greg for no reason. Rodrick is taken to the hospital and Mom un-banishes Dad and Rodrick.

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