power of a wimpy kid is cartoon tv show

season 1Edit

title discription no
last straw greg gets grounded ep 1
when he escaped rodrick escapes prison ep2
first straw  greg gets ungrounded ep 3
the wrath of manny manny turns into a supervillian ep 4
bless this house susen paints her house ep 5
five nights at rodricks fregly plays five nights at rodricks ep 6
gramma the monster hunter  greg and gramma kill monsters ep 7
geoffory  gregs characther geoffory comes to life ep 8
greg's night at freddys greg spends a night as a secerity guard at freddy fazbear's pizza ep 9
manny be good manny becomes a good guy ep 10
splaheff the heffleys play splatoon ep 11
five nights at rodricks 2 a seagul to ep 6

ep 12

title  discription no
it's heffley the animatronics huant the heffley's house ep 13
scar rodrick gets a scar ep 14
tiger frank frank heffley becomes a tiger ep15
astronuat time the heffleys become astronuats ep 16
let's go to the parific greg gets lost in the parific ocean ep 17
hallwhye the heffleys go to hallwhye ep 18
five nights at rodrics 3 a seaqual to ep 12 ep 19
break manny manny brake dances for 20 minutes ep 20
breaking greg greg loses his hair ep 21
shelia heffley greg rosrick and manny get a new baby sister ep 22
death battle greg vs big nate this shows a battle to the death between big nate and greg ep 23
super saiyan greg greg becomes a sayian ep 24

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