wrold 1 grass land Edit

1-1 grassy tutorial Edit

the level starts with you walking down a grass road, soon a wall is seen in front of you with two platforms on it, a sign in the background saying "press B to jump!" after you get pasted the wall two walk-shrooms can be seen with a another sign saying "jump on enimes to defeat them!". after you defeated the the enimes a door will apear, enter it. you will see a batch of water in frount of you with another sign saying "press B underwater to go up!" after that, a pipe with a venus-wimp-trap coming after it with a sign saying "some enimes will hurt you if you jump on them!" after that the finish pole is seen, and you beated the level!


1-2 revolve underground Edit

the level starts with a green pipe infront of you a mistery block is on top of you containing a fire flower a sign in the background says " press left right up or down depending on the derection of the pipe to enter it!" when you enter it you fall to the groun under ground, 2 mushy beetles are seen with 2 rows of breakable blocks, continuing on contains a platform wich falls as soon as you touch it, continue to a pit with pipe with a fire spitting venus-whimp-trap coming out of it, after that a winged mushy beetle is seen with 2 enter-less pipes, continue on to spikey beetles coming out of a pipe then, another pipe is seen enter it,you will return on normal ground with a flying shellnut behind it is the goal pole.

1-3 smell my pits Edit

the level starts with a door in frount of you enter the door to go on a moatain 3 pits are seen with 2 breakable blocks next to a mistery block. then as you go up 5 more pits are seen with jumpy whimp traps coming out of them then a giant uncrossable pit is seen a pipe is infrount of you enter the pipe and you will be inside of the moatain a mushy beetle is seen after that a row of spikes are seen you cross it by jumping on falling platforms on the spikes 6 winged mushy beetles are seen then 3 winged spikey beetles, then a pipe is seen enter is and you will be at the top of the moatain a stair case is seen with the goal pole on the bottom of a staircase is a spike flower blocked with moon blocks you can only get it at day not night.

1-tower center tower Edit



level puns and refrences Edit

the level "revolve underground" is a refrence to the website revolver underground

the level "smell my pits" is a pun of smell my arm pits but also becuase of all the pits in the level

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