wrold one  mini boss patty ferralEdit

patty ferral is the mini boss she attacks you by throwing apples at you,  and making her mom shoot bulletys at you, to defeat her you must throw bombs at patty exatcly 5 times, and the boss is defeated

music: mini boss theme from yoshi's island

wrold one boss bryce andersonEdit

bryce anderson is the boss, he is aways at the top of a tower of girls, he attacks you by sending girls to spin twords you,sending his wingman to chase you, and sending a pack of girls after you, to defeat him, when his wingman is chasing you jump on the wingman's head for his burger to fall off then throw the burger derectly at bryce and repeat 5 times

music:boss battle from mario and luigi paper jam

wrold 2 mini boss: mr beardoEdit

mr beardo is the mini boss, he attacks you by doing a belly slam, sending his kids to run over you, and whack you with his chair, to defeat him, throw a rock at his stomech to make him fall on the back, then, ground pound on his stomech and repeat 5 times.

music;boss battle from mario and luigi partners in time

wrold 2 boss mr guptaEdit

mr gupta is the boss, he attacks you by throwing whoope cooshins at you , using his X ray goggles to shoot lasers at you, turning invisible, and throwing piles of candy at you, to defeat him, when he is throwing whoope cooshins at you pick up a whoope cooshin, throw it at him, and repeat 5 times 

music:boss battle form a koopas revenge


  • the mr gupta boss is simular to the birdo boss in super mario bros 2 both requireing you to throw projectiles at the boss who is shooting the same projectiles at you.

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