platformer of a wimpy kid or for short a wimpy platformer is a simple diary of a wimpy kid platforming game by User: the release date is may 15th 2018

plot Edit

one day the heffleys and rolwy were having a normal avrege day when a evil wizard came from the sun! and it kidnapped manny! so the heffleys and rowley goe save manny in 8 uniqe wrolds!

playable character Edit

greg avrege character





manny (when you beat the game)

walkthrough Edit

see platformer of a wimpy kid/walkthrough

power-ups Edit

cheese: if your small collect this and you will grow giving you an extra hit

fire flower: throw fire balls

hammer weed: throw hammers

skele shroom: throw bones swim in lava and imune to fire based enimes and traps

electro plant: shoot electricity wich can turn some enimes into coins and break blocks

water coral: swim easier underwater

leaf: whack enimes, flutter, and fly for a limited time

spike flower: spin through enimes and chargable spindash, almost nothing can stop you!

star: be invicible for a limited time!

shroom suit: dress as a enime and almost all enimes will not hert you!

purple leaf: just like a normal leaf but your able to turn into stone crushing any enime below you

boomerang suit: throw boomerangs at enimes

ice flower: just like the fire flower but shoots ice

one up cheese: give yourself a 1 up!

5 up moon: give yourself a 5 up!

10 up star: give yourself a 10 up!

15 up sun: give yourself a 15 up!

ghost flower: attack ghost enimes and walk on invisible ground your ain't afraid of no ghost!

robo dog upgrade (from megaman): summon a robot dog to jump to high places you couldin't normally reach!

infi jump upgrade (from metroid): jump forever! it can really save your butt!

roll uprade (from metroid): just like the spike flower but you have it forever no matter what power up you have or if your small!

dangorus jump upgrade (from metroid): jump into enimes and they will die!

bosses Edit

see Platformer of a wimpy kid/bosses

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