more fun then ever is a 6 part quest when you reach level 13

name requierments reward time
more fun then ever part 1 build the heffley towers 124 $

64 XP


host frank

6 hours

3 cheeses to speed it up

more fun then ever part 2 put the host frank costume on frank 25 $

10 xp

more fun then ever part 3 make greg wait at the counter 46 $

38 XP

2 hours

2 cheeses to speed it up

more fun then ever part 4 send the health inspecter to the heffly towers to taste test their food 100 $

78 XP






10 hours

5 cheeses to speed it up

more fun then ever part 5 put the summer suit costume on the health inspector

send the summer suir health inspector to the heffley towers

179 $

3 cheeses

45 XP


24 hours

10 cheeses to speed it up

more fun then ever part 6 make susen eat a snack 35 $

10 XP

24 secends

diolouge Edit

more fun then ever part 1 Edit

susen:hey kids

rodrick: oh boy what do you want us to do?

susen:guess what? were making a hotel! the heffley towers!

greg: WHAT!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!? thats going to take forever!

frank: i know but remember the sky finger is here!

greg:oh, yeah

susen: hey sky finger would you be kind enogh to build the heffley towers for us? heres 100 bonus dollers for you if your to poor

more fun then ever part 2 Edit

frank:hmmmm look a knew host costume for me!

susen: i knitted it for you!

frank:so whats this for?

greg: i think its for the heffley towers your the host

frank: awsome!

more fun then ever part 3 Edit

susen;so frank how does it feel on you?

frank: it's kind of icthy what did you use for this?

susen: oh yeah i frogot manny helped me tell him manny what did you use?

manny; ib blahes

susen: and greg you get to

greg:oh boy here it comes:D

susen: wait at the counter

greg : AWWW COME ON!!!!!!!!

more fun then ever [part 4 Edit

health inspector:hello ms heffley

susen: hi what can i do for you?

h i: im here to taste test your food seeing if there not posionus and if you are a master criminal

susen:oh sure go ahead

greg:so let me get this strait you are letting some stranger you do not know take a bite of our food for no reson as far as i know i never putted a single posionus object in any of our food

susen: well hes eating them just in case

rodrick: mom! some man with a brown hat and coat is eating all of our food!

susen:oh thats just the health inspector

rodrick: whats a health ispector

susen: sigh

more fun then ever part 5 Edit

h i: MMMM that was delicious! and not a single posionus object!

greg: told you!

h i: hey! mind if i stay here for a day or two? i just LOVE you food!

susen:sure but you have to pay for the room and food


more fun then ever part 6 Edit

h i:ahh once again i love your food

susen: thanks! come again soon!

susen: ahhh! all that talk of food is making me hungry i think i'm going to eat a snack

greg: so does this meanwere done for the day

susen: of course go do what you want to do!

greg: finally!

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