levels Edit

level 1

level 1 of A get ready for school before the timer goes to 0

level 1 of b fight rodrick

level 2 of a play as susan and find the diary jernal before everyone takes them

level 2 of b drive home

level 2 of c place the jernal one greg's shelf before the clock hits 8:00 am

level 3 of a beat rowley's car in formela racing

level 3 of b run throgh the sprinkler 10 times before frank going outside to see

level 4 of a avoid the tall guy's chain saw

level 4 of b get shane snella out of the bed before mr jefferson coming to see

level 4 of c find the piate clouths

level 4 of d avoid the teenager's attacks

level 4 of e make it throgh snake woos with rowley

level 5 of a beat fregly in a wrestleing match

level 5 of b beat patty ferral in a wrestling match

level 5 of c beat benny wills in a wrestiling match

level 6 try to not flunk th U S quiz

level 7 throw apples at patty ferrel before the time runs out

level 8 of a throw the foot ball at the big wheel's tire

level 8 of b wrap some gauze on gregs hand before susan comes home

level 8 of c convice the priceable to be come a safety patrol

level 9 of a finish the peices of the zoo wee mama comic before rowley does

level 9 of b get suspended by poking all the kids with a stick with a worm

level 10 of a try to not let greg eat the cheese before the tenagers come

level 10 of b try to do something funny infrount of rowley to make his friendship come back

level 11 find all the peices for the movie

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