{{All |name=Löded Diper |image= |caption= Löded Diper is an American based heavy metal band, founded by Rodrick Heffley, a high school junior. The band was officially founded when Rodrick posted a message called "Most Likely To Be a Rockstar", which in fact brought the lead guitarist, Bill Walter. The band has three members, but the bassist's name is currently unknown. Rodrick's friend, Ward, is the security member of the Band.

Band MembersEdit

Rodrick Heffley - Founder of the Band, as well as the Drummer but is deceased as of Book 8 and his job of Drummer is passed of too Bill.

Bill Walter - Lead Singer and New Drummer and Leader since Book 8

Ben - guitarist.

Chris - Bassist of the Band

Ward - Body Guard of the Band

Former MembersEdit

Rodrick Heffley- Former Drummer (Deceased from Book 8 onwards)