plot Edit

on greg's birthday afternoon frank made a present for greg a keyblade when greg turns the top a portal apears and sucks all of them up into a place they never ben to before starting a exciting new adventure on the 3DS and playstation vita

characters/party members Edit

greg at start of game

rodrick after completing the tutorial

manny after completing the first misiion

mum after completing the 3rd mission

frank after beating the miniboss

sora after completing wrold 1

fregly after completing the 2nd tutorial

holley after completing the 2nd mission

rowley after collecting all 3 gold coins

hether hills after beating the miniboss

micky after completing wrold 2

mr nightmare after beating the miniboss

alfrendo after completing the 4th and 5th misiion

elsa after completing the 8th mission

dark manny after beating the miniboss

dark greg & lightning mcqean after completing wrold 3


amiibo Edit

tapping the kingdom hearts doawk edition series amiibo will give them a boost set their power metor up or even make them evolve

taping other certent amiibo will give that wepon to greg and sora

poltergiest 3000 luigi amiibo

master sowrd link amiibo

falchion marth/lucina amiibo

samu's arm cannon samus amiibo

galaxia meta knight amiibo

monado shulk amiibo

ragnell ike amiibo

hammer king dedede amibo

levin sword robin amiibo

ink shooter inkling boy/girl amiibo

palutana's staff palutana amiibo

paralyzer zero suit samus amiibo

dark pit staff dark pit amiibo

amiibo arcade games Edit

manny-man manny/pac-man amiibo

super heffley bros mario/luigi/rodrick/greg amiibo

manny's mansion luigi/manny amibo

frank icuras pit/dark pit/palutena/frank amiibo

susenware inc. minigame mayham wario/susen amiibo

the legend of sora sora/link/zelda/toon link/ganondorf amiibo

sonic CD HD sonic amiibo

amiibo bosses Edit

inky splinky inkling boy amiibo wrold 1-4

koompa bloompa bowser amiibo wrold 2-1

blangel pit amiibo wrold 2-5

ganamble link amiibo wrold 3-3

squid kingless inkling squid amiibo wrold 4-2

jumpy lumpy luigi amiibo wrold 5-5

ridley samus/zero suit samus amiibo wrold 5-7

donkey kong donkey kong amiibo only in the boss arena

bowser bowser amiibo only in the boss arena

medusa pit amiibo only in the boss arena

big baby bowser yoshi/bowser jr amiibo only in the boss arena

lucario lucario amiibo only in the boss arena

metal face shulk amiibo only in the boss arena

king boo luigi amiibo wrold luigi-castle

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