On day at the Heffley house a 27 year old named Jason Brindle asks if he can stay at there place because his parents kicked him out. At first Dad doesn't approve of taking in a "Random Idiot". But then he says his parents kicked him out 22 years ago, and he had to raise himself On the streets. Jason now lives in the basement with Rodrick. He goes to meet the Fregly's but Dad forgot to warn him that Fregly's dad is evil and crazy so Fregly's dad chases him up to to the ruins of Rowley's house. Rowley is crying because he lost Twisted Wizard: the Final Chapter. Then the Heffleys run by and Mr. Jefferson beats up Rodrick again because he is still mad. and Rowley punches Greg again.

A Week Later..................

Greg, Rodrick, Manny, and Jason are eating cereal.

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