Jacob Hunter is a 7th-grader at Westmore Middle School and one of the most feared kids there. 

Jacob Hunter
Name Jacob "The Angel of Vengeance" Hunter
Age 14
Gender Male
Creator Darth Phazon
Family Information
Relatives Unknown





  • In Food: "PB&Js, Heads-Or-Tails Oreos, reallly anything with two sides."
  • In Friends: "Unpopular, mistreated - basically the lower-class kids in school."
  • In Girls: "That's personal!"
  • In Hobbies: "Pranking, belittleing the popular, playing Cupid for my friends - the usual."


  • Popular kids: "They are overrated, and, frankly, someone needs to take them down a peg!"
  • Cliques: "Too tight-knit, constantly judging others by their appearances... if only I knew a way to sever them!!!"

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