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Heather Hills
Name Heather Hills
Age 16 (films) 15-17 (books and online)
Gender Female
Actor Melissa Roxburgh
Creator Jeff Kinney
Family Information

Heather Hills is a girl in Rodrick Heffley's Grade,Greg has a crush on her and appears as Rodrick's Love Interest in the 3rd Movie.

She also was Rowley's babysitter and Greg would go to Rowley's house at Story time and splash some cologne to make a good impression on her,but she is was later fired and replaced by Leland for unknown reasons,but in the online book it stated she was caught smoking after putting Rowley to bed.

She also appears in Dog Days as a Lifeguard at the swimming pool,Greg tries to Impress her again,by trying to put cream and oil to pump up his muscles up and excersising when he went to the bathroom there,but she hardly payed any attention to him unless a kid vomits because Greg was trying to stop the children,but didn't stop him.

In Film SeriesEdit

In the Film Series she was first mentioned by Holly Hills in Rodrick Rules Movie,She Made a Appeareance in Dog Days and Rodrick tried to flirt her,but she hardly payed any attentionshon to him and even drived the car over his foot.

Greg gets Loded Diper hired for her sweet sixteenth birthday,but they end up ruining it by covering a rock version of Justin Bieber's Baby,which made Heather very mad.

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