plot Edit

when greg's family and freinds get kidnapped by a mysterious enime greg must get them back in the huanted hotel with the help of you on the wii u xbox one and playstation 4 and will be released on halloween day!

mansions (wrolds) Edit

goul goer


fallow that spirit! a spiret leads you the a vacume called the poltergiest 100000

mysterie at the foantain: some gosht are messing around at the foantain a perfect chance to use your poltergiest 10000

slidy stairs and spooky scares: theirs a neerbye staircase leading up to the secend floor but the gosht won't let you and you just slide back down

hammer slammer gouls: some hammer slammers are in the mansion watch out their very strong

the green bulb: the green bulb grab it it stuns the gohst giving you some time to suck it up

hidey blues: some blues are hiding in furniture shake the furniture to reveal them

rainbow bulb: the rainbow bulb can reveal invisible objects and can reveal invisible boos

spider crusher: down at the basement is a giant spider! defeat it!


amiibo Edit

tapping the greg hotel mysteries series amiibo will unlock a mission and tapping the luigi amiibo will let you play as him in game and tapping other amiibo will unlock a costume for greg

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