greg heffley is a playable character in Wimpy fighters

moveset Edit

name effect
alfrendo spin greg spins his alfrendo doll around him attacking anyone near him
cheese toss greg throws a slice of cheese clencthing onto a character and doing damage
nap greg naps of the floor healing him
dragon ride greg rides a small dragon from twisted wizard making him go up and the dragon shoots a fire ball

final fight Edit

name effect custom name custom effect
ultimate cheese touch greg touches a moldy cheese then cheese rains from the sky cheese will attack anyone who does contact with them apple tree throwing greg wears his tree costum and lost of other trees come throwing apples at every one

misc. Edit

entrence: greg comes out of a open diary jornal

star KO: greg shakes his arms and legs

screen KO: greg thwomps his face on the screen broosing him

winning animation: greg: i won! greg jumps up

losing animation: greg slowly clps his hands

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