Greg Takes Care of Patty's Poodle is an episode from the NickTV series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Series. It aired on January 1, 2014.


Patty comes over to the Heffley House and tells Greg to take care of her poodle "Poody Poodle", he was to reluctant to consider and says yes, and Patty tells him if he don't take good care of Poody, she will beat him up like in kindergarten, fourth grade and eighth grade, Rodrick overhears this and gets an idea.

Rodrick comes up to Greg and introduces Poody to him, until Rowley comes over and remind him they will go to the arcade "Galactic Zone", Greg asks Rodrick if he'll take care of Poody, he smiles deviously and say he will take good care of Poody, Greg and Rowley go outside and into the car.

When Greg and Rowley are gone, Rodrick takes Poody up to his room, and says he will take good care of her and gets a shaver and shaves her hair off, then he shoves Poody to the wall, causing her a black eye, bite her tail, and gives her another shaving, as Rodrick laughs evilly.

When Greg and Rowley are back, they look for Poody until Rodrick comes and show them what he done to Poody, Greg is shocked and Rodrick says that Patty is gonna be so peeved and what he done to her. Greg imagines Patty beating her up, Poody then jumps off Rodrick's arm and run off.

Greg and Rowley go into a search. While they're off, Rodrick calls Patty speaking in Greg's voice, telling him that he shaved Poody, shoved her in the wall, bit her tail and shaved her some more. This makes Patty angry, she tells her mom to drive home.