• Mr. Draybick: "And just what is going on around here?!? Greg, did you forget to bring your books again?!?"
  • Holly Hills: "Oh no, Mr. Draybick, Greg and I study better as a team."
  • Greg Heffley: "We're Tweedledee and Tweedledumb."
  • Mr. Draybick: "Greg, from the marks you've been getting, you must be Tweedle Dumb!"
  • Greg Heffley: "Huh, what?"
  • Mr. Draybick: "Now, since this is a classroom and not a park bench, I strongly suggest you change your seat!"
  • Greg Heffley: "But, Mr. Ira, we work better as a team......."
  • Greg Heffley: "How do you expect me to concentrate on my work being away from Holly by this time?"
  • Mr. Draybick: "I have a feeling you're just concentrating on Holly at this point, now......move it!"
  • Greg Heffley's mind: "Gosh, I didn't tell Holly where to meet me this afternoon!"
  • Greg Heffley: "Psst........psst.....Holly!"
  • Mr. Draybick: "Now, students, who's gonna tell me where Thomas Jefferson made his final stand?"
  • Greg Heffley: "At the playground in the park, by the monkey bars!"
  • Mr. Draybick: "Gregory Thomas Heffley, are you gonna pay attention? or am I gonna need to send for Mr. Roy?"
  • Greg Heffley: "Oh no, I just rememebered, I can't meet her at the playground in the park!"
  • Greg Heffley: "I need to run an errand for my dad this afternoon, I better go tell her!"
  • Greg Heffley: "I'll write her a note!"
  • Mr. Draybick: "Now, students, somebody tell me the kind of man Napoleon Bonaparte was......."
  • Greg Heffley: "Psst!"
  • Mr. Draybick: "Gregory Thomas Heffley, 1 more scene from you, and I'll march you to the school principal!"
  • Greg Heffley: "Holy crap, what a joker I am, today's Tuesday, I don't need to run that errand 'til tomorrow afternoon!"
  • Greg Heffley: "How am I gonna let her know I'll be at the playground in the park?"
  • Greg Heffley: "Maybe I can crawl over to her without Mr. Ira seeing me......."
  • Mr. Draybick: "And what did Ponce De Leon say when he got stabbed by a poison dart arrow?"
  • Greg Heffley: "EEEYOW, my pointer finger!"


  • Mr. Roy: "Why are they together forever? are you short of books?"
  • Mr. Draybick: "No, it's the only way I can get any school work finished!"

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