Diary of an Innocent Kid (无辜男孩杂志 - Wúgū nánhái zázhì means: Journal of an Innocent Boy) is a ripoff of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It is a chinese version of the Wimpy Kid series and the protagonist is a Chinese boy who is such a wimp of himself. The name is Ming (Greg) and he lives with a teenage brother named Yang (Rodrick) and a baby brother Bibi (Manny), even some parents, a mother called Kanji (Susan) and father called Yujin (Frank).

Wimpy Kid Ripoff

Jacques Chong is the author of this book.

Chinese wimpy kid ripoff Ming as Greg

Ming in the Book

Ming also has a friend called Chi (Rowley) and he is childish and immature. He likes girls stuff and dolls even some cute toys.

Ming has an enemy called Zirui (Fregley) that is disgusting and pees on Ming. He acts rude and yukky.

Changes of Plans Edit

  • The Heffley family is renamed to YangMang
  • Sweetie is a poofy pink poodle named Lala.
  • Loded Diper is 撕裂内裤-Sī liè nèikù means "Ripped Underpants"
  • All the characters are chinese except for asians who are converted to americans.
  • Instead, Rodrick Rules is "摇滚规则!-Yáogǔn guīzé means: Rockin' Rules!"
  • Chirag Gupta is still the same but is named instead to "Wang Wei Hong".
  • Chi (Rowley) has a different hairstyle.
  • The dad just got the same look.
  • The mom looks similar but with different hairstyle.

Books Edit

Diary of an Innocent Kid - 无辜男孩杂志

Rodrick Rules - 摇滚规则!

The Last Straw -


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