diary of a wimpy kid unluckyness awaits is the 12th book in the diary of a wimpy kid series, it was released 4 months after splatatack .
Unluckyness awaits

The cover of the book


as greg enters a brand new year of school greg finds himself meeting a new student who is, of course, a bully, and his relationship with rowley dont make it any better, as they have broken their friendship,greg begs mom to find a new school, but mom says if he does not get any A+'s at school he is going to  summer school,and plus, gramma has MOVED into greg's house,will greg get his friendship back, or will greg see that unluckyness awaits this year.


major charactersEdit

greg (main protagonest)



mom ( atagonest)


gramma (antagonest/protagonest)


tommy roy (main atagonest)



heather hills

holly hills


mad pantser


  • a inkling boy's shirt can be seen in the scene wear greg and mom are shopping of T-shirts,a refrence to splatatack
    • also,a inkling girl's shoes are seen in the scene wear rodrick and tommy are hunting down greg in the shoe shop

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