diary of a wimpy kid is a 2D platformer (3D in dream cast N64 GCN playstation 1 playstaition 4 wii U wii and 3DS version , and 2.5D in playstaition vita version) wich was released for NES SNES dreamcast N64 playstation 1 gameboy gameboy color and game boy advanced, a remake was made for playstaition vita, playstation 4 wii u ds wii 3ds xbox 360 and xbox 1,the story mainly focuses on events in the original book, with some new charaters and events in it.

playable characters Edit


rowley (remake only)

rodrick (remake only)

manny (remake only)

jeff kinney ( secret and only in dreamcast and playstation 1)

levels (original vesion) Edit


secrets and easter eggs Edit

on the dream cast and playstation 1 version, on one of the levels, going through a secret door, will make you enter a secret room with drawing of early skecthes of the original diary of a wimpy kid going through shows a man drawling manny heffley (or greg on the dreamcast) pressing A neer the man reveals the man is jeff kinney and will be a playable character

on every level on the wii u version,at least one secret inkling, is hidden around the level, finding all of them will unlock, walleye wearhouse as a playable stage

on every level in any nintendo consle (except NES) theres a hidding luigi sprite, (THE YEAR OF LUIGI NEVER ENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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