diary of a whimpy fazbear

this is a crossover of diary of a whimpy kid doawk and five nights at freddys fnaf

plot == its starts off with greg waking up finding out that he turned into freddy fazbear wihle his friend includeing a little kid with three strips of hair and looks like a buck toothed allagator into the kid with the balloon and a sign aporpeller hat and 2 black buttons a older brother whos the drummer of the loded daiper into the fox with an extra head dismanteld and white the grosses kid in school with glasses and a black coaut into a puppet who loves music and hinds in a gift box gregs best friend who is a little childish into the bunnie whos purple and the guitarist of freddys band and more!

characters Edit

greg main protagonest







the only animatronics who dont appear are springtrap and golden freddy frank heffley is actually one of the employees of freddy fazbears pizza in page 45 greg staits that fazbear entertainment is the newist pizzaria however this is not true this will be a sires the knowned seaqels are doawf mangle rules dowf hard fame and TBA  its not anoucnd that its online

trivia Edit

on page 125 when a kid brings a book you can see its actually doawk on page 23 when greg trips over a cairs leg dropping every thing you can see a pc wich is what fnaf game is on 

diffrents Edit


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