Dairy Of A Loded Rodrick Is A spin off of doawk where rodrick is the main protagonist and pranks Greg heffley by doing stuff like force Greg to watch hello your dead and have Greg to have a party.

           In 2012  A game was made called rodrick Greg blast where the main goal is to shoot Greg heffley

           The book was released in fanon stores on November 14th 2013


Page 1 Greg was reading a book then he found out it was this

page 2 Greg was got 2 books on xmas
Unluckyness awaits

For page 1


For page 2

Page 3. It was dinner Greg took his book

Mannys face in page 3

Page 4 manny said eat it bubby it was this

What manny WANts Greg to eat at page 4

Page 5 rodrick shoved it into sweetie but Rodrick didn't get the blame Greg did

Page 6 then Greg was grounded for a few weeks

Page 7 Rodrick Had started making a new song called dooper diper


                 58 pages to go