Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Time is Running Out is a prequel to Wimpy Kid and the sequel to Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which sets Greg in mid 5th grade. This is set in very late 5th grade/6th grade.

147 pages are in 5th grade, 36 pages are in summer, and 156 pages are in 6th grade.

Plot Edit

Greg is trying to get popular for middle school, and is failing. Then Rowley meets up with him and starts the Greg Get Popular plan, which is a plan to get Greg popular.

So, in May, Greg initates Stage 1.

After some days, he gets a foothold (#162 (+14 places, +0.57 Popularity Points, +0.02 GFs, +0.001 BFs, +1.26 friends)

After meeting Holly Hills and impressing her, he tries to use that to impress all the girls. He fails, only impressing 4 out of his 67 goal.

On the last day of elementary school, he tries Stage 4. It works slightly, putting him at #7 most popular.

During summer, he tries SlipSide Older, but finds it too babyish (ages 5-6)

At middle school, he tries to get #1, but fails.

Eventually, he finds some friends and learns to cop with the heatgirl enviroment.


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