The 9th Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book. Release date




Ibrahim and Yusuf didn't become friends again, but he has some secrets in his own hands and shares some of them with a few kids in the neighboorhood. Then they spread and now Greg is getting teased at school? Will Rowley fight for his BFF? Or will Greg's doom will come?yusaf


Page 1: It's not really great to have a little friendr. As they just cause a lot of trouble into you and guess what? yusaf has been telling lies and embarrassing things about me and I'm worried about getting teased at school. I mean it would take a while to tell the truth. So it's not really worth it.

Page 2: I walked to school with omarshekebab for the first time in forever. told me Twisted Wizard 3 was coming out and they already had action figures for them at the mall. I can't get the game cause my system broke, thanks to yusaf, for putting water in it. I was excited for the action figures, but not the game. So, it's a good effect on omarsheshkebab, but not me.

Page 3: When I walked to school, a bunch of people started calling me "Fish Head", I knew this would happen, so I ignored those people and walked to class. It was the last day finally. They had these candy you could eat for the last day. I think some people put some in their pockets, even though you were only allowed to take 1. I wasn't gonna take one now, I would take it for energy for Gym today. Then, one of the teachers told me that I needed to go into the Gym for a beginning assembly. So, I have to carry EXTRA weight back from the assembly.

Characters Edit

  • Greg Heffley (Main Protagonist)
  • Rowley Jefferson (Greg's Sidekick)
  • Manny Heffley (MSusan Heffley (Mom)
  • Middle School Horde (Leader: Manny Heffley)