Page 1: Dad's been hammering and drilling all night long without even taking a break. For the past few days I haven't been able to sleep.

Page 2: This morning I heard sounds of what was probably a CHAINSAW. I ran outside and I could see the house crack in half.

Page 3: Then the upstairs bathroom came crashing down and onto the lawn. It was SCARY. I almost got CRUSHED.

Page 4: Next I heard coughing and wheezing in the now destroyed house dust cloud. Mom and Dad walked out of the wreck, unharmed. Rodrick and Manny did, too.

Page 5: After that we started yelling at Dad about what the heck just happened. When told us what happened, I looked at the cube that was the upstairs bathroom.

Page 6: I looked at Dad, and then I told him what we could do. So the next thing you knew, we were matting that bathroom with some towels we managed to salvage from the wreckage.


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