Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Worst Two Weeks is the sixteenth book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. The book is longer than the original books and mainly describes what Greg's winter vacation is like.


As Greg cuts loose for the holidays, he has to face a ton of things he hates. And even worse, Rowley has moved in with the Heffleys for the holidays. Rodrick has stolen Greg's older diaries, and his parents want him to broaden up his horizons by making Greg do something, anything! else.

When Greg finds an old video camera in his basement, he thinks he's just got the ticket to prove he's got some big time talent. With the help of his friend, Rowley, Greg hatches a plan to make a Christmas movie, and become rich and famous in the process.

But is doubling down on movie-making such a good idea? Or is it just a recipe for Greg to face the "Worst Two Weeks"?


Greg Heffley (Main Protagonist)

Rodrick Heffley (Main Antagonist)

Frank Heffley

Susan Heffley

Rowley Jefferson

Abigail Brown (Confirmation Needed)


Page 1:

Cutting loose for the holidays is DEFINITELY my thing. Rowley is like my secret agent, so if Rodrick is gonna punch me in the face, I'll just take ROWLEY to get punched instead in the face,

But yesterday was the day school let out, so I've had NOTHING to DO. So today I asked Rowley to come over to play video games.

Page 2:

When Rowley came over, we started playing right away. I'm still mad at Rowley for hammering my hand with a mallet, so I decided to get some revenge on him, even though THAT kid watches me like a HAWK.

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