Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Bathroom Heffleys is the twenty-first journal in the series. It will be released eight months after Toilet Troubles.


When Greg discovers a camcorder in the cabinet of his bathroom house, it gives him an idea. He decides to make a show called "The Bathroom Heffleys".

His family isn't on board with the idea, so Greg decides to film crazy, funny, and awkward stuff happening in his small bathroom house. Although he doesn't get to film the humorous stuff, he isn't giving up so soon.

When a funny thing happens to his family, they realize they want in on the action. When Greg decides to show his stuff to a TV show HQ, he realizes he might have taken his goal one step too far. Can Greg be a real teenager celebrity? Or will he be spending his time in the dog house?


Greg Heffley

Rodrick Heffley

Susan Heffley

Frank Heffley

Manny Heffley

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