Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Shrunken
Author Jonny Mole
Illustrator Jonny Mole
Publication date 2014
Published by Online Book
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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Shrunken is a book,the story is mainly about Greg shrunken into the size of a peanut.The
File:Greg Heffley Shrunken.png
cover is to be redrawn.The book won't cover a lot of days.


Plot SummaryEdit

The story starts with Greg walking home from school,he was passing by Fregley's house.Fregley's dad had made a liquid which was able to shrink any object,Fregley was playing with the liquid in the backyard.And threw it at Greg by mistake.Greg shrunk and shrunk.He became very short,he rushed home.There Manny saw him,Manny thought he was a toy and started playing with him.But Greg escaped,now he was trying to find how to increase his size get revenge from Fregley.