Greg Heffley escapes his karate school to join 5th Harmony Scouting Group, and goes on many adventures to and from their meeting house.



One time, Greg Heffley (Jr.Blue), Jim Trainer (Jr. Black), and Rowley Jefferson (Jr.Red), studying at Warren Doner’s Karate Studio, have become very tired from suicides, balance kicks, “warmup” races, circle sparring,and kneeling kicks.

Finally, Sensei Croft (4th dan Black belt) ordered, "Spread out on the floor".

When the students spread out on the floor, Sensei Croft made them do some stretches.  First, there was the horrendous Sun Exercise, then there was the famous Butterfly Drill, where students sit down and move their legs up and down.

Next, Greg, Rowley, and Jim Trainer started to fly out the front door, then they saw a Scout troop cleaning tarps across the street in the parking lot of Harmony Church.  Flying across Charing Cross Street, the students saw that the Scouts were having a hard time.  So the karate students wanted to help the Scouts fold and clean tarps.  The scouts welcomed Greg and Rowley, but not Jim Trainer.


Greg and Rowley tried to clean the tarps, but they did it horrendously wrong. Attempting to clean the tarps, Greg and Rowley cleaned one side with a towel, then turned the tarp onto the other side to clean that side. They were doing this infinitely until Scouter Frank corrected, “Shake it off, and fold it.” Greg and Rowley tried to shake it off, but most of the dirt stayed on.

Next, Scouter Jane sung Let It Go from Frozen.

Eventually, all the tarps were cleaned and folded.

Scout meeting 2(Thursday)Edit

Greg’s mom dropped off Greg at Harmony Lutheran Church. Not knowing that the door was always locked, she left before a Scout was voluntold to open the door.

Greg entered the church, and he walked down the stairs to the basement meeting room.

The opening started thirty minutes late, so there was only time to vote for the food for the next camp, the permit camp at Camp Impezza.

Greg voted to drink hot chocolate at the Friday mug-up, bacon pancakes on Saturday morning, hamburgers on Saturday dinner, and hot cereal on Sunday morning.

Unfortunately, Mr. Heffley was outvoted. On Saturday lunch, the scout troop was going to eat hobo soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. If you don’t know, hobo soup is made by cooking random soups in one huge pot. Scouter Jane showed the Scouts the leftover boxes of Hamburger Helper from Halijamb 2016. After persuading the Scouts to vote for Hamburger Helper, Paul, Avery, Josh, and Dylan voted for Hamburger Helper, so Hamburger Helper was going to be the only dinner food at the permit camp.

Scout Meeting 3Edit

At the beginning of the Scout meeting, Scouter George instructed the Scouts about how to properly use the Canadian flag. He took one Scout to the flag at a time, and showed them how to tie a sheet bend, karabine the flag to the rope, and tie the flag rope onto the hook.

When Scouter George tried to teach Greg Heffley, Greg was extremely confused about how to do any of the flag work, especially the sheet bend. Greg was having a hard time tying the sheet bend, so he was screaming very loudly. Next, George intimidatingly said, “Settle down”, and Greg eventually calmed down. This time, Scouter George told Greg as Greg tied the bend, “The mouse goes through the hole, around the rope, then back into the hole, then under the place where it came in. Greg was able to tie the knot.

The patrol leaders, Avery and Dylan, were very deft at using the Canada flag, so the opening was very fast.

When the opening ended, Troop Leader Brianna instructed the Scouts to pack the equipment into the wheelchair elevator, and unpack and pack the patrol box. Brianna voluntold Greg and Josh to unpack and pack the box. Packing the patrol box, Greg and Josh did not pack the box correctly, so the stove, glow bracelets, hand sanitizer, and dishwashing tubs did not fit. Scouter Jane corrected Josh and Greg about how to perfectly pack everything.

Finally, Greg and the other scouts put all the equipment into the elevator, then into Scouter George’s trailer.

When the Scouts finished packing, the walked back into the church basement and played Ga Ga Ball.

During the Ga Ga Ball game, Dylan first had the ball, and Greg was the first player to be out.  Because Greg was out, he screamed and shouted.

Permit CampEdit

Greg Heffley went to the permit camp with his troop to escape the Saturday karate class.

When Greg arrived at the permit camp, Scouter Jane voluntold the Scouts to lug the equipment down the hill to the campsite by using some wagons.

Next, Greg's scout troop set up their tents.  Greg did not know how to set up a tent, so Scouter Jane corrected him about how to build a tent.  Angry at Jane's tent pitching correction, Greg screamed and spanked himself with the tent pole.

When all the tents were finished, Dylan taught Greg how to light a campfire with a match.  Terrified of the match, Greg accidentally burned his finger, so he had to put his finger in his Thermos water bottle.

Finally, the Scouts went to their tent and slept in their sleeping bags.

In the night, Greg woke up to go to the decrepit outhouse.  He stood at the small toilet, so most of Greg's pee splashed on his clothing.  Running back to his tent, Greg Heffley took off all of his clothes.  Fortunately, everyone else was sleeping, so no one saw Greg.

When Greg re-entered his tent, he put his clothes in his laundry bag, and put on new clothes (including underpants).  Changing his clothes, Greg embarassed himself by accidentally waking up his tentmate, Paul.

The next day, the Scouts were supposed to cook breakfast on the propane stove, but they stayed in their tents for a long time.  Eventually, Dylan and Avery cooked breakfast, then the troop ate breakfast.

After breakfast, 5th Harmony walked to the opening, in the field at the front of the camp.

Animation SchoolEdit

To earn the Animation badge, Greg Heffley started going to lessons at Sheepdog Animation School.  At Greg's first lesson, the animation teacher, Nynke Morrison (the Sheep), walked Greg to the basement animation studio, and taught him how to do the Bouncing Ball animation exercise.

When Nynke walked back upstairs to get the clay and the Bouncing Ball paper, Greg ran around the dark studio, marvelling at the other students' animation projects.  One of the animation students walked upstairs to go to the bathroom, so Greg played with the student's animation project, then Greg was exploring the computer, and installed Mozilla Firefox, Movie Theatre Simulator, SETI@Home, Logo Maker, Minecraft, and Sim City.

When the student walked back down, he punished Greg for messing with his animation project, so Greg escaped to the main floor and listened to the store music from the radio.  Running back downstairs, Greg found Nynke waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs, and Greg started to make his "Bouncing Ball" video.

Move ball

Enter key

Move ball

Enter key

After Greg finished making his Bouncing Ball video, Nynke Morrison took another piece of paper out of her box.  On this piece of paper, there was a picture of an apple with two holes on it.

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