Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick's Revenge
[[Image:The Worst book In the History|center|284px]]
Author Jonny Mole (wikia)
Illustrator Jonny Mole (wikia)
Publication date 30th November,2014
Published by Unpublished
Publication Order
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Diary of a Wimpy Kid:Rodrick's Revenge is the sequel to Rodrick Rules. This book focuses mainly about how Rodrick tries to take revenge from Greg for not taping his band's performance.Rodrick is the main antagonist.This book is beingwritten in a similar fashion to the canon books.Its Grey in colour,the cover photo was finished on 10th Feb 2013 and released on 11th Feb 2013,however its not confirmed if that cover will be used or a new one will be designed.So far 4 pages have been made by Jonny Mole,the devlopment of pages started in 3rd April,2013.The book will start from the month March and will end in May.

Cover PhotoEdit

The Cover photo is a re-drawing of a scene in the end of the book Rodrick Rules.However its not confirmed.


The books doesn't exactly has confirmed characters,it only has ten confirmed characters till now and five that are not confirmed to appear.

  • Greg Heffley (protagonist)
  • Rodrick Heffley (Main antagonist)
  • Bryce Anderson
  • Manny Heffley
  • Frank Heffley
  • Susan Heffley
  • Grandpa Heffley 
  • Rowley Jefferson
  • Fregley
  • Gramma 

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