Office Men is the twenty-second book in the series. It will be released eight months after The Bathroom Heffleys.


When Greg, Rodrick, and Greg's Dad get hired to work in a private office building, Greg realizes this was his first ever job and thinks it will be easy.

But when Greg realizes he just has to sit at his desk, he realizes just how hard it is to work at an office.


Greg Heffley (Office Worker)

Rodrick Heffley (Office Worker)

Frank Heffley (Office Worker)

Susan Heffley

Manny Heffley


Page 1: I can't believe that Dad REQUESTED to get me, Rodrick, and him hired at this place called Alice Hungwat tax servicing. Basically everything Dad tries backfires, so I guess he checked with Mom before writing that note.

Page 2: I was walking home from school today, thinking about all the juicy gossip Dad is gonna talk about. But then I realized that if I can do the tax returns quickly, I could be done EARLIER than Rodrick and Dad.

Page 3: Tomorrow's my first day, so I found my best men's clothing with a clip on tie. And then I checked out every book on taxes I could find in the library. And that night I got used to taxes more than I ever had.

Page 4: When I was reading a book on signing some papers, Mom called me down for dinner. I could smell the sweet aroma of pepperoni pizza from the kitchen, so I raced downstairs and took the steps THREE at a time.

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