Diary of a Wimpy Kid: No Holiday Fun is the seventeenth book in the Diary of a Wimpy kid series.


As Greg enters the new school year, he realizes that everyone was even crazier than last year. A lot of mishaps happen, and Greg is blamed for every mishap that happens, which is just enough to buy himself a ticket to go to winter school.

Without Greg's family or his friend Rowley at his side, Greg decides to take dramatic risks into his own hands and he plans to sneak out of winter school.

But is escaping winter school a smart thing to do? Or will Greg have to spend his time of "No Holiday Fun?"


Greg Heffley (Main Protagonist)

Rowley Jefferson (Minor Protagonist)

Susan Heffley

Frank Heffley

Rodrick Heffley

Manny Heffley

Bryce Anderson (Confirmation Needed)

Abigail Brown (Confirmation Needed)

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