Diary of a Wimpy Kid: My Life Story follows greg from kindergarten to doing great things.

Season 1 (2013-2014) (Kindergarten-2nd grade) Edit

Episode Synopsis
Welcome to School. Greg enters kindergarten
Shadow Unleashed He met Rowley.
Baby He meets Holly Hills (Season 4, Ep.30 hint, Love Within.
6 weeks Greg enters his sixth week.

Whlist running, he sadly meets Patty Farrell.

NOTE: This episode is a hint for Season 6, Ep.1: RIP, The Mingo Kids.

Goodbye, 2nd Grade Greg leaves second grade behind and looks for middle school brightness (EPIC FAIL)

Season 2 (2014-2015) (2nd-4th grade) Edit

Season 3 (2015-2016) (4th-6th grade) Edit

Season 4 (2016-2017) (6th-8th grade) Edit

Episode Synopsis Episode no:
Dumb Ideas Greg starts middle school. 200
Love Within Greg falls in love with Holly Hills. 240
Heather Hills: Hate Backlashed Heather Hills finally stands up against Andy Pandy Baby. 242

Season 5 (2017-2018) (8th-10th grade) Edit

Episode Synopsis Episode #
RIP, The Mingo Kids The Mingo Kids shutdown with Patty Farrell getting expelled. 251
Westmore Left Behind Greg finishes 8th grade, and so escapes the train wreck also known as middle school. 263
Hello High Greg enters high school. 275
Wait? Greg gets put in the same Phys Ed class as Heather hills 276

Season 6 (2018-2019) (10-12th grade) Edit

Season 7 (2019-2020) (Sixth form) Edit

Season 8 (2020-2021) (College) Edit

Season 9 (2021-2022) (University) Edit

Season 10 (2022-2023) (age 18-20) Edit

Season 11 (2023-2024) (age 20-22) Edit

Season 12 (2024-2025) (IBM Push) Edit

Season 13 (2025-2026) (Product success) Edit

Season 14 (2026-2027) (Kids) Edit

Season 15 (last season, 2027-2028) (Richness) Edit

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