Made by Manny when he was 2.5 about how to annoy Greg (then 7.5) He leaked it when Greg turned 12 on the internet at

Leaked version Edit

Hello im manny and i sho you how to annoy greg! gweg is seven and a half and is vwey annoyance to me, so her is who to annwy him!

First you gotta say thatt is bwest fwined Rowley is annoying to him (EDIT MADE 02.06.2014: He is annoying to him now.) WEUW he will explode at you swaying F*** AND S*** so mwant f***ing twimes.

Swecond you gwtta say that that twat weill haz now girlfwiend (EDIT 09.28.2012: He has a girlfriend (abigail) EDIT 2: 09.09.2013 He has another one (holly hills) EDIT 3 07.07.2014 He has a 3rd girlfriend.)

Twird you gotta say that dat idito will die within 8 weekz (EDIT 09.09.2117 (Manny is 118) He is dead.)

Dat is who tuz (fixed 07.02.2012) annoy Greg my btohrt (fixed 08.06.2011)