this story covers the mishaps greg goes through while in the worlds first friendship triangl


the story begins with a program by the teachers that greg thinks is stupid allowing 3rd garders to spend a year with middle school students. later greg discusses his failed attempt at getting a date with holly hills during lunch with rowley then witnessing benny wells picking on this 3rd grade girl called tenesa. angry enough, he pushes benny wells , who starts crying and gets stuck at detention. tenesa's and greg's dad's turn up and start chewing each other out. the two are not allwoed to see each other at school. quickly the two start hanging out more and more behind their parents and rowleys back. eventually there parents organise a playday on the same day as rowleys birthday. greg explains this to rowley but he insists greg comes round then.. causing the triangle... a long time later tenesa and rowley start a fight , much to everyones suprise rowley loses dropping his popularity to 197. after that greg snaps and yells at everyone for laughing at rowley just cause he lost a fight with a girl .the next day several girls chuck greg and rowley in the girls room while tenesa was washing her face dropping gregs rank to 231 and rowleys to 777 after that the 3 make up and all become friends with a few days of school left.