This is a sequel to Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Comics 1-10.

Comic 11Edit

Greg goe to rowleys and says hi and rowley says HECK U! and they had a fight and rowley punched greg 83837784572q990`292848969658998359498589 times and rowley won.

Comic 12Edit

Greg goes jungle exploring with his dad. They look up and there was a volcano. They went close and gregs dad fell in the volcano and it errupted.

Comic 13Edit

Greg babysits manny, and manny sees greg playing video games (hes playing Pokemon Go) and he tells mom and greg is grounded 92387737987984310228w7849q years and greg says no and mom punches him 92348595876848908545099068609944 times and dad said no and mom punched everyone in the universe including manny.

Comic 14Edit

Greg is playing pokemon go sith rodrick andgreg catches mewtwo, and rodrick hits him 982345847wq09304309349094090409640994 times and markiplier comes in and says THERZ NU NEMBERS!!!

Comic 15Edit

Greg is playing N64 and hes playing pokemon Go (even though its not possible) and Rowley.EXE came in and he ripped gregs head and ate it.

Comic 16Edit

Greg is finished with grade 10 (GRADE 11 HES STILL BRITISH) and rowley says congratulations and they have a party and sang "A party" then manny ruins it all by burning them 4905845694003389580436838599436948 times.

Comic 17Edit

The summer is great but the sun hypervated (again) and greg had the abbilty to fly, he flew up in the sun and got burned.

Comic 18Edit

manny is in the hunt for lions and tigers, and he found a lion and punched him 203499395090609490540968609459864988 times and the lion's mum said "NUUUUUUUUUUUU!" and the mum tried to kill manny but manny kick her 00000000000000.1% times and then all the lions came and manny threw a piano on everyone then he fell in a cliff and died. (Suicide)

Comic 19Edit

Greg was watching BFDI Trivia by katyj98 but rowley said "That series is stupid." and greg said "deal with it.' anf there was a MLG wave

Comic 20Edit

Greg was choosing a font forhis school work, and rowley said you should do papyrus (Then bonetrousle plays) but greg said no we should do comic sans (LOUD megalovania plays)

and greg and rowley have a fight and after i20u4y342y5u5u35iui6o4u6457236456787398390608009678947835895689650475986900795695079580969607 kicking greg won and said I AM SO STROK

There done.