Comic 1 Edit

Greg walks into his house, but Rowley grounds him GoAnimate style. (You're freaking grounded for infinity years, that's what he said) Greg yells at Rowley and rings his mom to ground him for infinity years. Dad intervenes and says that Greg is stupid, and Mom and Dad have a fight, ending with Mom in hospital with broken everything.

Comic 2 Edit

As Greg walks into his last-siemsta (No, that is not a typo.) seventh grade class, he has 1 day left of 7th grade. But, Bryce Anderson, the pscyopath (Crazed Eat Greg edition.) kicks him 789876 times. Fregley joins in, doing 0.00000000000001% of the kicking and 99.999999999% of the punching.(9678362722/9678363060.) Greg runs away to first period (Math.) but Bryce, Fregley and Patty Farrell rip up all 73763 pieces of Greg's work. Mr Losse gives Patty Farrell a 1000000 minute detention, Fregley a 21 year suspension, and expelling Bryce.

Many girls are sad (Excluding Holly, for kicking Greg 9999999999999999 times.) but Greg and all his friends are happy.

Comic 3 Edit

Greg walks into his school, now in 8th grade. Roddy Bryce Apchse cuts Greg and punches him 82333333333333666777711122233344455566677788899900028272000000000000000672345123456789 times and Greg runs home where his mum eats him and then sicks him up. He then  smashed HEXm (Bryce Anderson psycho Crazed Eat Greg edition) into a hbomb 66666725 times. The bomb goes off and everyone dies.

Comic 4Edit

Greg for no reason pulls the universe/world/hamster back together after Hydrogen Bomb Smash #66666726. Then a killer hamster appears and makes Bryce Anderson Psycho Crazed Eat Greg and Only Greg and Abuse Greg While Do Nothing To Anyone Else AKA Greg Torturer Edition vaporize. Then after Holly gets kicked 9999999999999999 times again, she marries Greg, and then screaming Phinabella(oh-crap-we're-in-the-wrong-fandom)  fans squish Holly and then Isabella who was also tramped 82918 times in 0.00001 seconds. Then Greg sees beautiful colours, a hamster and Rainbow Sparkle, who poops herself to death. Then all 8349123233 bronies implode. He starts going paranoid. "Oh no, we're all gonna die" and "I see LIGHTS" as in he is having a NDE. But he isn't. He then implodes New York City.

Comic 5Edit

Greg gets killed by Rowley and then Rowley's parents ground him for 84847577874274928475695267193875349573458439734305739.4578267976259297667286.35728762417745.9 Years, Greg then turns into a Giant Sewer Snake and eats Rowley the Greg eats his Family then he eats the entire city then undynes comes and punches him in the eye and greg dies perminantly, Rowley gets ungrounded for 734645763e895754569467576.47647573563753475492717473437949274345656 Years and then Holly kisses Rowley.

Comic 6Edit

Holly and Rowley get married and Manny sees it all. And kicks Rowley 123885746361717278848474748385964822858559993856841122355986966952388574636171727884847474838596482285855999385684112235598696693134556678921123438421233445669865828277274387485595588e+82883837371727272327833849394039493422445676780223345677777 times and Rowley dies and Manny has some sorta crush on Holly. And Holly kisses Manny and Manny shoots Holly with a gun.

Comic 7Edit

Greg leaves his 2nd day of high school (9th grade/YEAR 10 IM BRITISH) after getting NOT BULLIED! Him and Rowley go and play some Pokemon Go together. After a couple hours, they find a Charizard and then get trampled by 9999999999999999999994213 Pokemon Go players and then the SUPER GENESIS WAVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAPPENED AND THEN SONIC.EXE WAS A POKEMON AND NOTHING ELSE CHANGED. Then Holly Hills said "eevee likes you" and then Greg flipped out and died, causing the MLG 9000 Hyper Genesis Wave. And then Missingno appeared and went into Pokemon Go and then it caught 8317371 pokemon and was level 41. Greg then came back and ate Missingno and then he turned into 'M and exploded, causing the Hypermultiverse (Grade A Under A edition) to explode and have 28921838278372374672478x10^8263726372673623673 big bangs.

Comic 8Edit

After #ComicBookTime occured due to #Archie, #BlazeRush7, and #FComic7, Comic 8 occured. Greg, now a Level 18 at Pokemon Go and holding 182 gyms for Instinct, lost 183 gyms. And then #PokemonNO occured when 527 million people downloaed Pokemon Go and the servers crashed. And then Greg ate Rowley and sick him up and then Tails.EXE Knuckles.EXE Sonic.EXE all.EXE came and ate greg and then nothing happened the end.

Comic 9Edit

Greg is playing Super Monkey Ball on Dolphin version 5.0 revision 923 with Rowley over netplay. They are trying to beat Master mode. Greg and Rowley were very good at SMB, they could beat all the way through Expert Extra, but Master was rage. Master 3 they had failed 73 times and Rowley beat it. Greg then smashed his computer 83721 times teleported to Rowley's house ate him ate his mum ate his dad and then turned into Greg.EXE and then exploded a GameCube and then his head fell off.

Comic 10Edit

Greg and Rowley were playing video games @ Greg's house but Greg's mum went mad and smashed the window and then ran outside. Greg had a retro game collection with: GB, GBC, GBA, N64, PS1, PS2, NES, SNES, PS3, X360, Mega Drive/Genesis, Saturn, DC, GCN, Wii, N64DD, ran and had 8218 games. He was playing on NES Super Mario Bros. and then he farted and the world exploded and then he farted 89231x more and then the sun supernovaed even though it isnt big enough and then they kept playing video games.

Wow, what the fuck was I thinking?

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