Diary of a Wimpy Kid:Rodrick Rules 2

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Golden with Large Blue Spots

Diary of a Wimpy Kid:Rodrick Rules 2 is the sequel to the 2008 book Diary of a Wimpy Kid:Rodrick Rules,Like 2008 Rodrick Rules it has Greg talking about his relationship with his elder brother and some other things,but mainly focuses about Rodrick.

This Book Covers 4 Months from March to July

The Book Doesn't Has any New Characters.

Greg is ninth grader in this book,while Rodrick is a somphore.

Rowley is Dumped by Abigial as he is to immature for her.

Greg still trys to Impress Holly,but she is barley paying any attenion to him and his jokes.

This book has alot of characters more then 40 characters and some characters are added which only appeared in few books like Peter Utegur,Marty Porter ETC.

Half of the Characters (cameos and main together)Edit

Greg Heffley Alfrendo Rodrick Heffley Uncle Joe Manny Heffley Aunt Lottera Rowley Jefferson Chirag Gupta Holly Hills Frank Heffley Susan Heffley Mr.Hills Ward Bill Walter Loded Diper Bassist Heather Hills Gammie Heffley Abigail Brown Trista Gramma Grandpa Peter Utegur Fregley Mr.Jefferson Mrs.Jefferson and more.