Diary of a Wimpy Hamster: Memorial Day Disaster

Book 7 of the series. BE BIG. BE BOLD. BE WIMPY.

Page 1: If there's one thing I've learned from MY years of being a hamster, it's that you have ZERO control over your my hamster fur.

Ever since the magic incident, I haven't been near Rodrick's room or Greg's room. ESPECIALLY considering that FRANK was the one who came up with this stupid idea.

Page 2: Some idiot I turned out to be. This is just oh so cruel.

Page 3: Yesterday Frank and Susan made a surprise announcement. They said they were dropping us off at Grandpa's condo, and Grandpa was away, so me, Greg, Rodrick, and Manny were in charge of his condo.

Page 4: When they dropped us off, they told us there were "responsibility rules", which was just this ONE rule: don't let Rodrick throw a party.

Page 5: The SECOND Susan and Frank shut the door, Rodrick called every friend he knew and told them he was having a PARTY.

Page 6: I thought about reporting this to Greg's parents, but the truth is, I've never actually BEEN to a college party, so I just let my whiskers cover my mouth.

Page 7: OK, things just got BAD. Rodrick locked me, Manny, and Greg in the basement, and now we were stuck down there for the night.

Page 8: Someone must've unlocked the basement door, because this morning it was wide open.

Page 9: But when I took a look at the living room it looked like a TORNADO touched down in the family room.

Page 10: I panicked and told Rodrick what the HECK he was thinking throwing a college party.


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