Diary of a Wimpy Hamster: Disaster Drop

The 9th book in the series.


Page 1: Greg is always saying I'm lucky because I've got my Mom and Dad watching me from heaven. I guess that's supposed to make me feel good, but I have a LOT of questions in the way it works.

Page 2: I'm fine with my Mom and Dad watching over me when I'm rolling in my hamster wheel or drawing comics, but there are just some times when you need a little privacy, like when I go to the toilet or when I take a shower.

Page 3: Tonight Greg's parents made a REALLY shocking announcement. They said our house rent was too much and that we were just gonna have to MOVE OUT.

Page 4: My heart practically SANK when I heard this shocking news. Things like this NEVER come around for me, at least not in my FAMILY. So that's how my day started off.

Page 5: Greg's Mom said we were gonna leave first thing in the morning, so we needed to start packing for the moving day. She told everyone to bring the "bare essentials" so we could fit everything into the Pods trailer.

Page 6: I packed as MUCH as I could think of. I packed my hamster wheel, my hamster bottle, my hamster bed, and my diary. Greg's Mom made Greg and Rodrick leave a bunch of small stuff behind, so we could "save space".

Page 7: OK, I could TOTALLY see what Greg's Mom meant by "save space". When we pulled into the driveway, I realized that the garage was separate from the house, which was like, TWO THIRDS the size of our OLD house.

Page 8: I took my first look inside and I realized something was SERIOUSLY wrong. First of all, the bedrooms had LIMITED space, so we voted on who I should sleep with, and as usual, Greg won the vote.