Diary of a Wimpy College Student is a spin-off to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. It concentrates on Greg in his college life.

Main CharactersEdit

Greg Heffley

Age: 18

Greg Heffley has barely changed and is still childish,rude and immature.He still likes to play video games and read comics. Greg passes middle school and high-school with the help of Frank, otherwise he would have failed very badly. Greg once again tries for Holly in college.

Rodrick Heffley

Age: 21/22

Rodrick Heffley,ends up dropping out of college, and keeps working for his band. Bill Walter cheats on Rodrick,causing Rodrick to fire him, this makes Rodrick hire another lead singer.

Occupation: Loded Diper Drummer

Manny Heffley

Age: 10/11

Manny still is as spoilt as he was,he got expelled from pre-school and kindergarten. He gets suspended multiple times in schools\

Rowley Jefferson 

Age: 18

Rowley Jefferson has no change,is same childish and stupid.He is a karate black-belt,he shows this off a lot.His girlfriend is Abigail Brown.

Abigail Brown

Age: 18

Abigail Brown is the girlfriend of Rowley,but they occasionally have fights due to her saying Rowley is too "childish" and needs to grow up.She hangs out with Holly,Trista,Natasha and Peyton.

Holly Hills

Age: 18

Even though Greg gave up on Holly during The Last Straw/Dog Days,he tries again to win her.Holly appears to be hanging-out with Abigail,Natasha,Peyton and Trista and they often have hangovers.

Alexander "Alex" Aruda

Age: 18

Alex Aruda is also in the same college as Greg's and is also in the same class as he is.

Patty Farrel


Patty is not in the same college as Greg's,but is in the adjacent college and often bullies Greg when he is hanging out outside the college.

Bryce Christopher

Age: 20

Bryce is a