Diary of a well-disaplined kid The story of Oscar Bisetto

Chapter 1: so this is my life

So this is my life look back and it was a pretty mad rush we'll you're not stupid so since I've began there's not turning back and there's and long way to go let's begin so I was born everyone I knew saw me even my worst enemy,Tyson Sophie and Brodie left the room after Tyson did because my birth was so boring trust me everyone thinks I've only been alive for 2 days and the only movie I ever watched was Thomas the tank engine and I'm only alowed to see G rated movies so when ever some cool kids ask me about the new James Bond movie I say "no comment" also I like every girl in my school even the teachers so I lose my cool most of the year but we'll get to that story

Chapter 2: THAT story

Oh once every day I lose my cool and try to impress every girl but I've only impressed drummers please bam! bam! bam! bam! bam! bam! bam! bam! bam!...1 in so many ways 123 so know I'm in the story I must tell you when I go to bed 7:00 why? Well I was up till 8:30 all night and had bad behavior at my old school...I was expelled!.so know I go to bed at 7 now so when people ask me about bed I say "no comment" and Luka I forgot to say to you at class I go to bed at 10

Chapter 3: how to be cool (OSCAR STYLE)

Be in bed by 7 you get more sleep and you don't reveal you're bedtime.dont watch movies that aren't G watch just books that have a kid that is a good boy.follow the rules at school you'll lose you're oscar cool if you do that.try chasing after girls we'll if you're a BOY.always bring in chunky poo to school you'll never know when you'll need it!

Chapter 4: day of the life

So I just wear two straps of my bag the cool kids wear one but my parent don't want me to be like the older students but trust me if you follow every peice of my advice you'll become a well disaplined kid in no time strait to assembly and I won't "worst student" and "least cool" and I've never won most cool because if I do my parents will move me away from my friends and I'll need those booster seats that whenever I do something wrong a hand will come out and slap me.every unpopular kids worst nightmare