Diary of a Revolution is a TV show, which started in May 2008.

Synopsis Edit

It leads Greg into many adventures, such as nuking the school in The Tower's Fall to taking control of a train in Speed Ahoy!

Episodes Edit

Season 1Edit

Name Synopsis (Story) Air Date Viewers
Hello, Greg. Greg explains himself 05/28/2008 6,000
Rowley: Smash Rowley smashes a window at the school 06/01/2008 39,000
Ski Troubles Greg and Rowley go skiing but EVERYTHING goes awry. 06/07/2008 32,000
School Sucks. As Greg and Rowley END elementary school, Greg's mom starts Mom Bucks 2.0. 06/14/2008 43,000

School's out for summer.

Greg and Rowley go to Six Flags and Greg makes the weirdest prediction: he will have a girlfriend by his 6-7th grade summer vacation.

06/21/2008 46,330
Exit Fregley Fregley MOVES!  06/28/2008 51,000

Hello, Sonic.EXE 

Greg plays Sonic.EXE 07/01/2008 50,000
Rodrick = Annoying Rodrick plays a MASSIVE prank on Greg, which leads to a filled sink and a minor flood. 07/07/2008 59,335
Manny. So Now. In the middle of his summer vacation, Manny blows a perfectly good waterslide turning five. 07/14/2008 60,000
AHH!! HEATHER!! Greg goes up to Rowley's when he said that Leland was babysitting his younger brother so they could play Magick and Monsters, but when he got there, it turned out Heather Hills was babysitting and that made it go awry. 07/21/2008 64,640
Depressive Greg feels depressed as school is coming in a week.  And he will go to middle school. And then all this GIRL competition comes after they've all settled in. 07/28/2008 69,000
Middle School  First day of middle school goes bad when Chirag Gupta trips over a wall, breaks Rowley's desk, falls unconscious, and is taken to A&E. 08/01/2008 72,900
Novamine Rhaspody About 31 kids are competing for Holly Hills, and she breaks under the strain and bursts into a crying seizure meltdown. Greg's attempts to comfort her went OK, but when she tried to give HIM a hug, Rowley freaked because it was the middle of History. 08/07/2008 225,000 (because of immense adversting)
Leeway Greg breaks in to a criminal's lair (because he was hiding in the subway) and gives the $400,000 the criminal had stolen back to the police. Greg then moves up 139 places on the popularity table, which causes Holly Hills to LIKE him. But, when she tells HEATHER about it, she is confused because you can't have two boyfriends. But then, she DUMPED the other one because... I dunno... Comfort from Greg? 08/14/2008 135,000
Hey wait, that house that used to be Fregley's, IT'S BEEN SOLD!! Fregley's old house is sold. However it'll be two seasons before those Emma sheniagians. 08/21/2008 190,000
Screw you, Abigali. Abigali (Greg's girlfriend BEFORE the series started, when he was in fourth and fiith grade.) attempts to prank Greg to get Holly to dump him, which involves hurting Holly and blaming Greg for it. However, Greg was off sick, and Abigali's Greg disguise fell off. So the next day, Greg and Holly sniffed the prank out, and Abigali got suspended for two weeks. 08/28/2008 260,000
Rodrick 'Rules' Rodrick's bullying gets intercepted by Rowley, who then tells Abigali, who then tells Holly, who then tells Manny, who then finally tells Greg's mom. Rodrick is given a taste of his own medicine, by Greg bullying him. 09/01/2008 299,000
Second Fiddle (Sorta) Abigali becomes part of a evercomplicating network of 12 and 13 year olds which are friends. 09/07/2008 303,000
Epic Christmas Greg gets Twisted Wizard 1, 2 and 3. 09/14/2008 333,333
Cracket Holly gets a tennis set, but when she asks Greg out for the first time, to play with it, Heather Hills insists to come as well, because she likes tennis. Greg then brings Rowley along, so that they could play doubles. But, after only 20 minutes, Rodrick crashes their tennis party and claims that he was a tennis pro, and the five agree that Rodrick could video them and BROADCAST it on TV.


Uh Oh Holly accdientaly, while visiting the new underground hall which wasn't complete, steps on a weak tile and breaks the water pipe, which then proceeds to flood the school, and strands Greg and Holly in the street. 09/28/2008 399,999
Emma Emma's first day, and she is hurled at by Josh, just like Holly was. 10/01/2008 386,000
Dumped (Emma) Josh dumps Emma after only 17 days. Greg and Holly, attempting to comfort her, try and put the stereo on, but Josh sneaks up and stabs Emma in the back with a knife, and Greg, Rowley and Holly have to take HER to A&E. Josh is expelled. 10/07/2008 377,000
Winter's End

Winter's over, Holly's 13 and everything is more complicated.

10/14/2008 401,000
End Rezoning Bus rezoning over, but the school bus crashes. 10/21/2008 397,000
Patty the Evil Patty repeadtly kills someone, and is killed. 10/28/2008 256.000
Click Dead.

Greg clicks something on his computer which gives it the Buried Alive screen. He goes to fix it but their are many troubles, like Annoying Orange.

11/01/2008 272,000
September 11 Greg ponders what will happen on September 11, 2012 (The airdate of The Tower's Fall) 11/08/2008 460,000
Taxi Madness Greg and crew go on a taxi, but things go awry when Manny and Fregley take control. 11/14/2008 670,000
Happy Birthday Manny turns 4. 11/21/2008 770,000
Scraping the Sky (Part 1 of 3) Greg visits Liberty Plaza. 12/08/2008 536,400
Scraping the Sky (Part 2 of 3) Greg gets stranded in a elevator. 12/14/2008 620,000
Scraping the Sky (Part 2 of 3) Greg gets rescued. 12/21/2008 677,300
A Good Christmas... Greg invites Chirag over for Christmas. 12/28/2008 664,220
and a Awesome 2009! A sneak peek of the next 26 episodes. 01/01/2009 1,100,000
01/08/2009 967,000
01/14/2009 200,000
01/21/2009 260,000
01/28/2009 1,260,000